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We have over 25 years experience.

At Unique Community we devise community arts projects that are inclusive, accessible and developed in partnership with local people. Our main project currently is the Brent Youth Theatre performing arts program.


Everyone should have access to a safe space where they are free to explore and create.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow their future in new ways, no matter what their past looks like.

Everyone benefits from community projects; they are essential for societal well-being.


// To reduce isolation among the most vulnerable and marginalised people in Brent and surrounding boroughs by connecting them with peers and creating a positive community around them.

// Improve mental health and wellbeing among people by inspiring confidence and positive self-esteem.

// Empower people by providing them with tangible skills to be able to understand and navigate the current world through arts based education.


STEP ONE We listen to the needs of our unique community.

STEP TWO We explore ideas of what we can provide leading to the design of a bespoke project that seeks to help those whose voices we’ve heard.

STEP THREE We look through our incredible pool of expert freelancers and volunteers and establish our team.

STEP FOUR We gather our unique community of humans and empower them to become active members of our safe space and beyond.

STEP FIVE We continue to interrogate and analyse our work and track the progress of participants to ensure that we are still responding to the needs of our unique community.

Over 20 years experience
Planning with the community