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Sustainable community projects that are inclusive, accessible and responsive to the needs of the area.

About Unique Community

At Unique Community we develop sustainable community projects that are inclusive, accessible and responsive to the needs of the area. We work with both adults and young people and make every effort to reach out to people that will most benefit from our work, often those that are least likely to attend. We mostly develop work that is based to some degree in arts, culture and self-improvement
Brent Youth theatre is an inclusive performing arts group based at The Yellow in Wembley Park run by Unique Community. We provide a safe space for young people aged 7-16 to have a creative outlet and express themselves.

“You have given me friendships that will last the rest of my life.”

Project Participant, Club 60+ 2013


Unique Community is the descendant of the Russian Immigrants Association (RIAs) founded in 1999 to help Russian-speaking immigrants integrate into British society. Our Executive Director, Natalia Nikolaeva set the charity up in response to both her own personal experience as an asylum seeker from Russia and the overwhelming need for new arrivals to get practical advice; community spirit; help understanding their new surroundings.

Our People

Our unique people are what makes Unique Community what it is, bringing years of expertise from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Natalia Nikolaeva

Executive Director

Natalia Nikolaeva

Brent Youth Program Director

Alice Devlin

Brent Facilitator

Ibrahim-Farouk Sesay

Brent Assistant Facilitator
Our Trustees
Chairperson - Erina Davidenko
Treasurer - Asta Marshall
Secretary - Liudmila Malinovskaia
Member MC - Olga Sidorenko
Our Volunteers
We have a pool of volunteers that work across our projects regularly. Without them, a lot of what we do would not be possible. If you would like to volunteer with us please contact admin@uniquecommunity.org.

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