I Am Not My Box - Part Two

Heya! I am Josie, one of the new practitioners at the amazing Brent Youth Theatre.

Week 2 already! This week we were creating "I Am Not My Box - Part Two".

This week our talented creatives focused on the history of Wembley Stadium and the surrounding area. The young people were creating scenes about the building of Wembley Pool, Euro 96, Live aid and so much more! With the help of a time machine they managed to create some fantastic scenes accompanied by original music and lyrics that the young performers created. We had so much fun this week - both the younger and older group dressed up in rockstar outfits head to toe. We had everything from green wigs to tinted red shades, our young company really know how to get into character!

A huge moment this week was our call and response warm up , we all got our football on chanting ‘Footballs coming home’ at the top of our voices in various accents. Check out our film down below to see these lively football fans turn into ‘too cool for school’ Rockstars.

Half way through week two, the writers group wrote descriptive poems and spoken word pieces about sport and music inspired by iconic events in Wembley Park. Another highlight this week was having a comprehensive yet casual conversation about the aesthetics of Wembley Stadium. ‘The climbing frame arch’ that shines at night, with the surrounding smell of beer and fresh sweetcorn After a football match. We have some truly talented writers and performers.

Thursday was filming day, 10am and our performers were ready on set with there cameras on ready and their costumes on. Despite some technical difficulties the performers were super professional. Seeing the excitement on their faces after a long day of filming was rewarding! Before you know it, it is finally showtime.

Ladies and gentlemen we will be starting in 3 2 1…So sit back relax and enjoy the show.

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