Brent Youth Theatre Online - Scriptwriting

Hello! (character smiles and waves)

I am Maya and I facilitate the online scriptwriting session on Tuesdays with Nataliya. Over
the past four weeks, we have been working with two groups of incredibly creative young
people, exploring the key fundamentals of scriptwriting; week one saw us explore setting, in
week two we created characters and honed our monologue writing skills, in week three
furthered our character’s voice, linking them together and mapping the story and in week
four we discussed and explored ideas for the main event in the script. We’re ensuring that
the groups learn key playwriting skills such as monologue writing, structure, mapping
tension and dialogue writing. I have been blown away by the creative and innovative ideas
everyone has been coming up with in the sessions as well as independently when doing
homework. (character beams with pride) No spoilers but the stories include slime and
beautiful garden settings!

We’re beginning to interlink all the dialogue, monologues, characters and storylines
together now - that’s when it gets really exciting! Characters whose individual profiles are
interesting only becoming more multi-faceted when they meet.

We’re now seeing our groups add stage directions and moments of humour throughout their scripts, which gives me even more confidence that the final scripts will be detailed and sophisticated.

The groups are doing an incredible job of doing read-throughs of their scripts and solving
problems in their storylines through discussions over Zoom. It’s shown me that isolation does not need to result in less creativity or a lack of community; classes where we are being creative together, having fun and learning new skills allow us to feel positive and productive in isolation! The courage and creative energy that the groups are showing us every week is truly inspiring. I can’t wait to see where the final scripts take us, how the characters overcome the obstacles they face and what the plays will be called.

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End Scene.

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