Beyond the Heat

Beyond the heat is about a city which becomes too obsessed with greed. It explores burn out, and the power of reflection and pause, all through acting, singing and even some dancing! It has been over a year in the making, starting on zoom and now moving into real life. 

The most important part is that it has all been created by the young people - passing between different groups to create the production that you’ll see on the 3rd of July. We started off by brainstorming and creating the story, looking at the garden creatures and the people of the city, with the script-writing group creating lines for characters developed by the acting group. This included a lemonade seller, junior post officer, a group of bees, 'Gnomio Decaprio', a bird who only says “I don’t know”, even gamers named after youtubers and so many more - you can see how creative the young people have been! 


It was incredible to see concepts move between the two groups, watching them take on each other’s ideas, all done online. The actors took on characters written for them by other young people, further developing lines, coming up with concepts and themes throughout the second term, working in small groups, ready to start rehearsing in May. As well as creating characters, the young people have helped to make five songs, which are incredibly catchy, with the help of our wonderful musical directors. The young people helped write lyrics and tunes, which were then collated and pieced together, with the young people also evaluating and improving on their work, in order to create the best versions of these songs. 

They also learnt about music production, helping to produce the backing tracks. Backstage crew have helped design and create the set, props and costumes for the performance, learning about additional backstage roles in theatre, making wings out of plastic bags and gnome hats out of cardboard and paper. If that wasn’t already enough, they’ve also been developing movement with our movement director, creating their own pieces, even through the restrictions of zoom. Through exercises they worked both individually and in groups to develop movement sequences which will be performed in the final show.


It has been amazing to watch the young people run with everything we’ve thrown at them - they’re always up for anything, and have created some exceptional material. They’ve persevered through a global pandemic, bad WiFi connections and zoom delays, working in ways we never could have imagined even a year ago. 

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we share sneaky previews and trailers in preparation for the big day...

We are so excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on!

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